These are full color decals printed on high quality vinyls. There uses are many from equipement identification, to vehicle lettering, to signs, or just plain fun. The artwork can be either customer supplied or I can do the designing for you.
a large trailer decal
a truck decal
a door decal
a 12"x18" sign
a decal used on the customer's vehicles
motorcycle decal
company decal
artwork for a poster
town logo used for many purposes
a church logo used on all their signs
a 2x3 sign
truck lettering
logo for a church bus
a magnetic sign
logo for a towing company, this is a photo of the truck the decal is on
3"x3" decals
8"x8" vehicle decals
12"x12" truck art
4"x10" decals
4"x10" advertising decals
4"x4" golf balls for a tournament
1"x2" machine decals
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or call: 252-430-8045